The terrorist TPLF does not want a peaceful settlement to the problem in the regional state as they think that war is the only option, according to Ethiopia’s Ambassador to China.

It is to be recalled that the terrorist TPLF recently violated the spirit of the humanitarian truce and launched attacks on the Amhara and Afar areas.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Ambassador Teshome Toga said the TPLF is holding the people of Tigray as hostages and propagating hatred and creating unnecessary enmity with the rest of people of Ethiopia.

Asked about why TPLF re-ignited the conflict in Ethiopia by rejecting peace, he noted that the group repeats the same thing and then expects a different result.

The first and second attacks didn’t bring peace and this one will not also bring peace to Tigray and Ethiopia, Ambassador Teshome said adding that as Tigray is part and parcel of Ethiopia the right way to go about it is to sit around negotiation table.

“From the very beginning, the avenue for peaceful negotiation and settlement of the problem was not closed. It is wide open even now at this stage. But, TPLF has never given peace a chance from the beginning. So, they simply do not want peaceful settlement to this problem. They think that war is the only option; which is I think the very wrong way of addressing this problem. Nobody I think should overcome this challenge through military means.”

According to him, all sentiments and attitudes to resolve problems through gun is outdated. “The best way for all of us is to move forward and join the peace process.”

In the 21st century the best way is to give and take to really address differences, the ambassador noted, adding that political differences can only be settled through political dialogue, that I think is the only civilized way of addressing problem.

The TPLF want to impose their will on the people of Ethiopia, including people of Tigray, by means of military power which is unattainable, he added.

Ambassador Teshome stated that sending child soldiers to war is not acceptable since the avenue for peace is available. “It is sad that the TPLF is not even giving the people of Tigray time to work on their farms since this is very important season for farmers of Ethiopia.”

Most importantly, working with the Government of Ethiopia for a lasting solution by putting pressure on TPLF is crucial, he stressed.  

“The international community has a duty and responsibility, at least the ones who wish peace and stability, progress and prosperity in Ethiopia, to put pressure on TPLF so that this war stops. There is a chance for peace, dialogue. There is a chance for alternative solution to this problem than war. Those who have leverage and access to put pressure on TPLF should take responsibility and put pressure on TPLF so that they can really see another alternative to the current political crisis”

The ambassador emphasized that the international community should come out and very clearly condemn TPLF’s invasion on the neighboring regions.


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