Ambassador Teshome Toga briefed the Ambassadors of African Union Peace and Security Council and the three African non-permanent members of the UNSC, (A3) in Beijing, on the current situation of Ethiopia.
Ambassador explained in detail on the conflict that is happening in northern Ethiopia and how far Ethiopia has been determined from the beginning to resolve the conflict and he underlined, the Ethiopian government’s tireless efforts to overcome the conflict peacefully.
Noting that Ethiopia firmly believes that African problems should be solved by Africans, Ambassador added, the international community should support the peace process led by the African Union.
In conclusion, Ambassador Teshome said that if Africans join hands and work jointly and cooperative with each other, we can easily overcome the problems we are faced with, he said.
The ambassadors expressed their gratitude for the fact that they were given a direct explanation from the embassy instead of what they heard from the media and others sources. They all expressed their desire to unity and sovereign territorial integrity of Ethiopia and that they stand behind Ethiopia. They reaffirmed that the principle of African Solutions to African problems.

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