Ambassador Teshome Toga briefed diplomats from European Union member countries, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Canada and Norway based in Beijing, about the current developments in Ethiopia.
At the briefing, Ambassador Teshome focused on the conflict in northern Ethiopia and the government’s continued efforts to bring the conflict to an end through peaceful means.
Regarding the conflict, the Ambassador explained that ignoring the Ethiopian government’s repeated calls for peaceful resolution of the conflict, the TPLF has started the war again for the third time and is committing atrocities on the people of Tigray and the peoples of the neighboring Amhara and Afar regions.
Noting that the TPLF is recruiting under age children and committing a war crime under international law, Ambassador Teshome said, lack of appropriate action by the international community has embolden the TPLF in this destructive level.
The Ambassador also mentioned that the Ethiopian government is still determined to resolving the conflict peacefully and said, based on the principle of ”African solutions to African problems”, the international community should support the peace facilitation led by the African Union.
Finally, Ambassador Teshome responded to the queries and remarks raised by the audience.

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