November 25, 2022, : Sub-Regional Discussion for the East African Region (EAR) and China on Regional Infrastructure Projects under the African Union’s Program for Infrastructure Development for Africa (PIDA).
On the occasion, African Union Ambassador to China, DG of Department of African Affairs in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, Ambassadors of Sudan, Tanzania, Rwanda and Kenya to China attended and delivered speech focusing on infrastructural development projects.
H.E. Ambassador Teshome Toga presented infrastructure potentials in Ethiopia and its importance to national development and regional economic integration.
The Ambassador said that, the Ethiopian Government has developed and implemented an industrial development strategy by adopting the principles of, among others, recognizing the private sector as the engine of industrial development, pursuance of agricultural-led industrialization, adherence to export-oriented automation and creating a conducive environment for industrial development and investors.
The industrial development strategy emphasizes availing adequate infrastructures and services related to road, railway, air, telecommunication, electric power, and water supply, as well as land to investors, the Ambassador added.
Stating that, the Country’s 10-year indicative plan intends to transform the energy sector over the next ten years and contribute to the country’s economy and also to the regional integration especially the Eastern and Horn of Africa region, the Ambassador said, Ethiopia has embarked upon this path, by connecting Djibouti, Sudan and Kenya.
Furthermore, Ambassador Teshome also noted that, the Government of Ethiopia has made a major investment in constructing various infrastructures, from roads to power generation and industrial parks to host manufacturers to make the investment environment conducive to foreign investors.

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