November 24, 2022, H.E. Ambassador Teshome Toga delivered a public lecture to the Scholars and Students of Tsinghua University in Beijing and he highlighted on the strong and multifaceted relationship between Ethiopia and China and also briefly touched upon the recent political developments in Ethiopia.
The Ambassador shared thoughts on Ethiopia-China relationship and he said that, Ethiopia and China are partners with a long history and ancient civilizations with lots of commonalities to share from one another.
He added that, the relationship between the two countries elevated to a higher level of Comprehensive Strategic Cooperative Partnership (CSCP) giving their diplomatic ties a huge boost and paved the way for even a greater political, diplomatic, economic and people-to-people exchanges.
Ambassador Teshome emphasized that, the ever-growing China-Africa cooperation in terms of trade, investment, and people to people ties which is based on mutual respect, shared benefit and policy independence. He further elaborated on the need to strengthen ties with China to enhance all-round development under the frameworks of BRI and FOCAC.
Ambassador Teshome also briefed on the current political developments in the country and the Peace Agreement reached between the Government of Ethiopia and TPLF. He stated that, Ethiopian government is expediting humanitarian aid and restoring basic services in the conflict affected areas.
The Ambassador reiterated that, the peace agreement that was signed in Pretoria, is fundamental to sustainable peace, respect the sovereignty, territorial integrity and national unity of Ethiopia.
Noting that, equality is not defined by the power of military, economy or technology; the Ambassador said, the best form of equality is respecting the sovereignty of each other’s decision and independent policy, that is the way China and Ethiopia both treated each other.Finally, the Ambassador answered questions raised from participants.

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