On November 27, 2022 H.E. Ambassador Teshome Toga delivered a thematic speech in a symposium organized by the institute of the Belt and Road initiative of Tsinghua University in Beijing, entitled “Mutual learning of Civilization and Economic Development”.
Speaking at the occasion, Ambassador said that, human development entails stronger exchanges and mutual learning among cultures and deeper mutual understanding among the peoples of different countries and closer people-to-people ties.
Stating that, our world today is undergoing a level of profound changes that have not been seen in a hundred years, the Ambassador said, human society is full of hopes and aspirations but at the same time, also full of frustration and challenges.
According to the Ambassador, “there is no high time than now for building a global community of shared future and building a better world that can meet the lofty aspirations of all peoples by curbing in joint hands the challenges humanity is facing”.
In order to avert the course of unprecedented future in human history, civilizations should work in accord based on the principle of equality, mutual respect and a win-win outcome, as win lose or lose-lose is not an option to be entertained by humanity, Ambassador Teshome added.
Explaining the Ambassador on the importance of people to people exchanges that, thousands of Ethiopians studied in China and doing businesses with Chinese counterparts, and also tens of thousands of Chinese nationals are working in Ethiopia on various projects. These interactions have continued to be crucial player to deepen cross-cultural relations and understanding between the two peoples.
Furthermore, Ambassador reiterated that, Ethiopian government is always committed to promoting people-to-people exchanges between the two countries to further enhance mutual understanding, synergy and friendship.

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