August 17, 2022 Ambassador Teshome Toga had a discussion with Mr. Song Yongxiang, Secretary of the CPC Binzhou Municipal Committee and Director of Standing Committee of Binzhou Municipal People’s Congress, on the ways of encouraging Binzhou city investors to participate in Ethiopian investment , trade and tourism sectors and further enhancing people to people relations
During the discussion, Ambassador pointed out that Ethiopia is the country of vast areas of fertile land and diverse climate that has driven the establishment of variety agricultural products and also the country of largest livestock population in Africa where a great opportunity to invest on agro processing sectors. Ambassador call upon Binzhou investors to invest in Ethiopia in the areas of agro-processing and other industrial sectors
Mr. Song Yongxiang on his part mentioned that Ethiopia and China have strong relations and so that Binzhou as the highly potential and achievable city on varies areas among others agro-processing, textile and chemical enterprises, will encourage investors to do business in Ethiopia. He promised to jointly working with Ethiopian Embassy to further enhance the ties of Ethiopia and Binzhou

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