In August 17, 2022 Ethiopia Day in Shandong: Ethiopia- Shandong Investment, Trade, Culture and Tourism Promotion Forum held in Binzhou City.
In the forum, including Ambassador Teshome Toga, Mr. Zhao Zhiyuan, Ambassador of China to Ethiopia, Mr. Temesgen Tilahun, Deputy Commissioner of the Ethiopian Investment Commission, Mr. Li Yongsen, Deputy Director General of Shandong Provincial Foreign Affairs Office and Mr. Kedir Juhar, Mayor of Dire Dawa City in Ethiopia delivered a speech.
During the Ceremony Ambassador Teshome Toga said that Ethiopia and China enjoy cordial relations and time-tested friendship translated to a strategic partnership. Both countries work together for promoting mutual interests and benefits to both peoples in uplifting the living standards of their respective people, he added.
Ambassador mentioned that in the past two years, despite the challenges caused by the COVID-19 the business climate in Ethiopia underwent significant changes with broad policy reforms which are giving Ethiopian export trade an impetus to expand.
According to Ambassador, the trade exchange between Ethiopia and China is steadily growing. Even though the trade balance is in favor of China, Ethiopia’s export to China in 2021 fiscal year grew at eight percent compared to the previous year performance.
Ambassador Teshome added that China has now become the eighth largest Ethiopian coffee importer. This is dramatic increase comparing to the previous 33rd rank and it shows the huge potential market that exists in China and particularly in Shandong for these products, he mentioned.
Finally, he extended his appreciation to companies from Shandong Province that are contributing for the development and strengthening of the partnership between Ethiopia and Shandong Province and call upon them to introduce the opportunities in Ethiopia to the larger business community in the province for mutual benefit and growth.
Chinese Ambassador to Ethiopia Mr. Zhao Zhiyuan on his part pointed out that Ethiopia is a country that plays a great role in the horn of Africa, in the continent of Africa and in the world. According to him from working together Shandong province, which has huge potential in modern agriculture, industrial production and infrastructure construction should enhance the mutual benefit of the two countries.
Mr. Temesgen Tilahun, Deputy Commissioner of the Ethiopian Investment Commission on his part said that the Ethiopian government has introduced a 10-year plan to further enhance among others agro-processing, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, mining and digital economy and to realize these key sectors he call upon Shandong companies to invest in Ethiopia for mutual benefit.
In the forum, Dire Dawa city with Binzhou city and Dire Dawa University with Binzhou University established a partnership and so that signed a memorandum of understanding in online program.

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