On August 16, 2022, Ambassador Teshome Toga had a fruitful discussion with Mr. Jiang Cheng, the Vice Governor of Shandong province in China, on the ways of enhancing industry, trade, agriculture, education, infrastructure, people-to-people relations and other issues of cooperation.
On the discussion, Ambassador Teshome pointed out that the participation of Shandong investors in Ethiopia’s investment, infrastructure and trade exchange is remarkable and expressed his appreciation for the government’s encouragement to invest in Ethiopia.
He added that the Ethiopian government is paying great attention to the agricultural sector, and hoped that by working in cooperation with Shandong Province, which has already made significant progress in the sector. can be booming Ethiopian agricultural productivity and thereby ensure mutual benefit
Ambassador call upon Shandong investors to play their own role to enhance the economic development ties of the two countries on participating in the area of building industrial park in Ethiopia
According to Ambassador Teshome the embassy will jointly working with Shandong province to establish province- to -to-province, city-to-city and university-to-university partnership that will further deepen people-to-people relations of the two countries
The vice governor of Shandong province, Mr. Jiang Cheng, on his part said that Ethiopia and China are comprehensive strategic partners. He added that Shandong and Ethiopia have great potential to cooperate in infrastructure, agriculture and human resource development and so that the province will exert its effort to its success and also works to enhance investment and trade cooperation between the two.
The Vice governor mentioned that Shandong province will play its contribution to improve the quality of technical and vocational education in Ethiopia.
Finally, Mr.Jiang Cheng promised to work jointly with Ethiopian Embassy to further strengthen the comprehensive relations of the two countries.
More than 100 million people are living in Shandong province and its gross domestic product (GDP) reached 8;3 trillion yuan ( more than $1.2 trillion USD) in 2021,

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