On 17 November 2022, H.E Ambassador Teshome Toga briefed Ambassador Li Qiangmin, Secretary General of Charhar Institute and the scholars at the institute regarding the peace agreement reached between the Government of Ethiopia and TPLF.
The Ambassador noted that, the peace deal would help the people and government to give fully attention on the development and prosperity by ensuring lasting peace in the country.
According to Ambassador, the Ethiopian Government has prioritized delivery of humanitarian aid, rehabilitation and reconstruction works to restore public services in conflict affected areas of northern part of Ethiopia.
The Ambassador also expressed his appreciation to China’s government for its strong, consistent and principled position regarding the internal affairs of Ethiopia in particular and Africa in general.
Furthermore, Ambassador Teshome called upon Charhar Institute to hand with Ethiopa and contribute its role on the effort that has taken by the government to rebuild destroyed infrastructure and rehabilitate and resettle the internally displaced citizens.
Amb. Li Qiangmin on his part, briefed the role of Charhar Institute in policy-making decisions and expressed the willingness to facilitate the cooperation with Ethiopia in jointly establish the partnership from an Ethiopian Institute on conflict prevention and peaceful resolution;
He also promised to organize a Chinese business delegation with technology and experienced entrepreneurs to visit Ethiopia and support the reconstruction and rehabilitation works.
Ambassador Li also noted that Charhar Institute will continue to work with the Embassy very closely in future engagements.

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