On December 21st, 2023, His Excellency Ambassador Dawano Kedir, the Deputy Head of the Ethiopian Mission to the People’s Republic of China, made an exclusive interview with China Tourism News in the Embassy’s Chancery. The purpose of the interview was to introduce the attractive tourism destinations of Ethiopia to Chinese citizens and encourage them to make Ethiopia their top tourism destination.

During the interview, the H.E. Ambassador shared with China Tourism News the unique and diverse tourism offerings available in Ethiopia. He highlighted the stunning landscapes, rich cultural heritage sites, and abundant wildlife found in the country.

In addition to showcasing the tourism destinations, an Ethiopian Coffee Traditional Ceremony, which involved roasting coffee beans, grinding them, and brewing them in a traditional pot (jebena), was conducted during the interview. H.E. Ambassador also explained in detail all the traditional coffee-making procedures to the media by highlighting the cultural significance of coffee in Ethiopia and how it brings people together in a communal and social way.

Furthermore, KIFLEM International Ltd., a coffee trading company based in Beijing that also plans to open an Ethiopian coffee center in Beijing and promote Ethiopian coffee online to Chinese consumers, made an interview with H.E. Ambassador.

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