Ethiopian High delegation led by H.E Adanech Abeibei has resumed their visit in Chengdu city, China. The delegation has visited Tianfu New area village, park city and took a lesson on overall process of the project while planning to enhance the idea to invest in Ethiopian cities as well.
Again today, Bahirdar city mayor and Dujiangyan city of China has signed a sister city ship Memorandum of Understanding to enhance all rounded relation and cooperation between the two cities. In the signing ceremony the two mayors has asserted to work hand in hand for the development of the two cities.
Furthermore, Ethiopian delegation led by Addis Ababa mayor had a meeting with Vice chairman of the standing committee of Sichuan provincial people’s congress and briefly discussed on the issue of trade, tourism, investment and construction sector.
Hence, the two leaders has agreed to establish strong sister ship relation with Addis Ababa and Sichuan province of China and sister ship city cooperation with Chengdu city and Hawasa city of Sidama Region.

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