Ethiopia and China held a fruitful discussion on the Economic and Development Cooperation between the two countries on March 21, 2022. They conferred on the status of the ongoing and new projects submitted by Ethiopia under the framework of Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC).
Ambassador Teshome Toga on the occasion said that China has supported Ethiopia in completing several infrastructure projects under the FOCAC platform. He expressed his hope that ongoing and new projects among the 9 programs of the Eighth China Africa Ministerial Conference would be implemented fully.
The economic and development Cooperation between Ethiopia and China have been grown and it indicates how the relationship between the two countries is strong and mutually beneficiary, Ambassador said.
Ambassador Teshome noted that Ethiopia is desires to further enhance trade and investment cooperation with China for the benefit of the two peoples.
Mr. Jiang Wei on his side said that Ethiopia and China have remarkable relationship and the Ministry of Commerce will continue to enhance and further cooperation and engage with Ethiopian Embassy to realize the FOCAC action plan. Mr Wei promised to encourage Chinese enterprises to invest in Ethiopia.
China is currently the lead trading and development partner and also the largest source of foreign direct investment of Ethiopia.

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