On May 10, 2022, Debre Tabor University (DTU) and South China Agricultural University (SCAU) held their first discussion to establish partnership via a webinar facilitated by the Embassy in Beijing.
In his opening remark, Ambassador Teshome Toga mentioned that Ethiopia and China have a friendship, now, for more than half a century and noted that the two countries share an exemplary collaboration under the South-South cooperation framework.
Speaking about education, the Ambassador said the Ethiopian government has made it a priority to revitalize the sector and highlighted on the due emphasis given to the people-to-people relations and to the poverty reduction and agricultural development programs by the Chinese government under the framework of the Forum on China and Africa Cooperation (FOCAC).
He added the establishment of partnership between DTU and SCAU will create a good opportunity to support Ethiopia’s efforts to go out of poverty and achieve food security through the use of mechanized agricultural practices and modern technology. Furthermore, he called on the two Universities to collaborate in areas of human resources development, mechanized agriculture, education and trainings, students and staff exchange, environmental safety and protection and waste water treatment, and reassured them that the Embassy will provide all the necessary assistance to both Universities to see the success of this partnership.
Professor QIU Rongliang – Vice President of SCAU, on his part thanked the Embassy for making the huge efforts to bring the two Universities together and noted that his University stands ready and committed to see its partnership with DTU to come to fruition. He added that there are Ethiopian PhD students currently studying at SCAU and that the University has so far given out trainings to 27 Ethiopian agricultural experts. He also noted that SCAU will help facilitate to provide more scholarships to Ethiopian students, University staffs and Agricultural experts.
In the same manner, Dr. Abraham Melkie – Director of International Relation and Strategic Partnership of DTU, said China has significant potentials and experiences in multiple sectors and expressed keen interest and readiness to closely collaborate with SCAU.

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