On May 12, 2022, Ambassador Teshome Toga briefed Mr. Wang Chao – President of the Chinese People’s Institute of Foreign Affairs (CPIFA), and scholars at CPIFA on the current internal situation of Ethiopia in Beijing.
On his briefing the Ambassador focused on the two countries diplomatic relationship, on the war in Northern Ethiopia, on the unjustified external pressure campaign on Ethiopia, and on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) construction project.
Speaking about the Ethiopia-China diplomatic relationship, the ambassador highlighted on the two countries cordial friendship for more than half a century and recalled that their diplomatic ties has been elevated to the level of Comprehensive Strategic Cooperative Partnership (CSCP) in 2017.
While explaining about the war in the Northern Part of Ethiopia, the Ambassador noted that the government was forced to engage in this war after it had made multiple efforts to avoid the war from the start. Even after the war broke out, the Ambassador said, the government announced unilateral cease fire to give peace a chance mid of war. And now, he added that the government has even gone further in announcing an indefinite humanitarian cease fire to help facilitate and fast track the delivery of humanitarian assistance to the region.
Regarding the external pressure campaign that is waged on Ethiopia, the Ambassador explained that the external forces imposed unjustified sanctions which are hurting the country’s economy and diplomacy, and that they have engaged in a defamation campaign against the country through their international media outlets.
The Ambassador, however, noted that the government of Ethiopia is deeply honored and is very much thankful of China’s support to Ethiopia throughout this challenging time in a show of strong partnership and true friendship.
Regarding the GERD, the Ambassador explained that the construction of the dam is aimed at providing electricity to more than 60% of Ethiopia’s population whom currently live in darkness and to fast track the countries growing economic developments. He also informed that the tripartite negotiation amongst Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan is going forward under the principle of African solutions to African problems.
Mr. Wang Chao on his part thanked the Ambassador for briefing his Institution on the current internal situation and highlighted on the two countries long lasting relationship. As Ethiopia is a very important country in Africa, the president noted, China is keen to further strengthen its relations with Ethiopia under the framework of the Forum on China Africa Cooperation (FOCAC).
Furthermore, he explained that China too, is equally a victim of negative external pressure campaign and noted that China supports Ethiopia’s efforts to weather the negative external pressure campaign. He added China appreciates the way Ethiopia is handling the GERD project issue through dialogue and negotiation.

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