LeBuna, the company which supplies Ethiopian coffee to the Chinese market signed an agreement to work together with XiaoKaXia, the Chinese digital promotion company.
During the signing ceremony Ambassador Teshome Toga, who made an opening remark, stated that reaching the agreement between the two companies will have its own great contribution to enhance the promotion of Ethiopian Coffee.
He noted that China has played very important role using e-commerce technology and almost more than 50% of the transaction activities are run through different e-commerce platforms.
In his speech, Ambassador Teshome pointed out that Ethiopian products have recently been marketed using Alibaba’s e-commerce platform, and needs to exert more effort to produce and bring to the market various coffee types and other agricultural products like sesame, mung bean, soybean and so on.
Furthermore, the Ambassador underscored that coffee in Ethiopia is produced by smallholder farmers who toll and sweat to benefit from their hard work and he stressed that Ethiopia needs fair trade that benefits all and this can best be done if the companies could add value to Ethiopian products.
Finally he called up on the enterprises, like Lebuna and others to work for adding value to Ethiopian coffee and to always certify and acknowledge the originality and specialty of the Ethiopian coffee.
In the program a coffee tasting ceremony has conducted, in which 52 individuals were participating.

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