Ethiopian Sesame product online promotion and B2B meeting carried out with the participation of 58 Chinese and Ethiopian import and export companies including trade associations on 27th of April 2022.
Ambassador Teshome Toga on his opening remarks said that; guided by the principle of equality, mutual respect and trust and win-win engagement, China and Ethiopia enjoy warm relations and cordial friendship. He added that, being an active player in FOCAC and BRI, Ethiopia has proved itself as a most reliable partner of China.
Ethiopia is not only one of the sesame growing and exporting countries in Africa, but also has high quality sesame seed varieties suitable for wide range applications, and become well-known in the global trade.
Ambassador added that, despite the overarching challenges of COVID- 19 pandemic that caused unprecedent impact on disruption of logistics regulations, over the past decade sesame seeds have been among the major products exported by the country and has been contributing a great role in the total agricultural product exports of the country which is the major export category of Ethiopia in general. He underlined that to increase the productivity of Ethiopian sesame, it needs to work closely together with Chinese Companies.
Mr. Rong Weidong, Vice President of China Chamber of Import and Export of Food Staffs, Natural Produce and Animal Bi-Products (CFNA), on his part mentioned that; the sesame import in China has increased year by year and has led China to be the largest sesame importer in the world. Among them, the import of sesame from Africa accounts for about 90% of the total import.
He added that, over the past 50 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Ethiopia, bilateral economic and trade cooperation has developed steadily and he mentioned that China has become Ethiopia’s largest trading partner, mainly export all kinds of machinery and equipment to Ethiopia and import sesame and other oil crop products.
Mr. Weidong reminded that, at the Eighth Ministerial Conference of The Forum on China Africa Cooperation, President Xi Jinping proposed China and Africa should deepen practical cooperation, carry out trade promotion projects and expand the scale of trade and investment. Mr. Weidong believed that China and Ethiopia sesame trade cooperation will take advantage of the “China-Africa Cooperation Vision 2035” to deepen mutual trust and develop for the better.
Finally, a virtual Business to Business meeting also held with five groups of Ethiopian exporters and Chinese importers; and they exchange their views and deal on Sesame market.
From those which are participated from Ethiopian companies, Alliance Star Business Group, Ambasel Trading and Muley Addisu Import & Export are promoted their Sesame export products virtually.

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