Ethiopia is rigorously working to bolster its multifaceted bilateral and multilateral partnerships with China, Ethiopian Ambassador to China, Teshome Toga said.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Ambassador Teshome Toga said bilateral relations between Ethiopia and China are broadening and strengthening in many areas of cooperation, which dates back more than half a century.

Mentioning China, as a friendly country of Ethiopia, is an actively engaging ally in a significant number of development endeavors in Ethiopia, he pointed out, adding that China has been assisting Ethiopia both in finance and technical support. 

Over the past years, China has been assisting Ethiopia in financing several infrastructural projects, including road construction, energy development, and other pro-poor sectors that are being identified as key priority areas by the Ethiopian government, ambassador elaborated.

Speaking on the engagement of Chinese investors in Ethiopia, the ambassador stated that Chinese companies in the manufacturing sector, particularly in pharmaceutical and textile sectors are steadily growing.  

He also said that Ethiopian Embassy in China is working extensively to promote Ethiopia’s investment opportunities of  various sectors in congruent with the nation’s ten-year strategic plan.

Noting the efforts are being intensified to introduce Ethiopian agricultural products to China,  Ambassador Teshome said that Ethiopian coffee and sesame are penetrating well into Chinese markets, showing incremental progress in relative terms.

According to him, activities are also underway to export vegetables and meat products to Chinese market.  

Relating to educational cooperation, Teshome said that efforts are being made to strengthen experience sharing and transfer of chinese science and technology capabilities through education and training programs.  

In particular, this experience sharing and technological exchange is being carried out through the ongoing Chinese investment packages, and both in South-South cooperation and bilateral partnership framework, he elaborated.  

On the other hand, China has been consistent in its support for Ethiopia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity in connection with the lingering conflict in the northern part of the country.

He has also underscored that China has an unwavering principled stance that Ethiopia is capable of solving the problem as the matter is internal; China also supports the ongoing AU-led peace effort to end the conflict.

Moreover, Ethiopia is partnering with China on a multilateral forum on issues related to common global threats such as climate change, terrorism, and other equally compelling matters, he stated.

Ambassador Teshome noted that Ethiopia, in sync with its good record of contributing to stability in Africa, is also collaborating with China to maintain peace and security on the continent, particularly in eastern Africa.

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