Ethiopia participated on the first World Vocational and Technical Education Development Conference held in the Northern coastal city of Tianjin from 18 – 20 August 2022 with the theme of “Vocational and Technical Education Development in the Post Pandemic Era-New Changes, New Ways and New Skills”
Opening the conference with his congratulatory letter, H.E President Xi Jinping said, Technical and Vocational Education and Training is closely associated with socio-economic development of a country and noted its significance in boosting entrepreneurship and improving people’s livelihood.
Representing Ethiopia at the conference, H.E. Ms. Muferiat Kamil – Minister of Labor and Skills addressed the participants virtually and noted that the Ethiopian government, taking into account the significance of the Technical and Vocational Education and Training for the country’s overall socio-economic development, it has formulated institutional and legal policy frameworks and has made it one of its priorities to develop the sector.
She added that Luban Workshop Ethiopia which was launched in 2021 in partnership with Tianjin University of Technology and Education and the Ethiopian Federal Technical and Vocational Education and Training Institute is serving the country as a center of excellence in the sector and that its training modules are all of international standard levels.
Dr. Teshale Berecha, Director General of the Federal Technical and Vocational Education and Training Institute on his part highlighted on the importance of the Technical and Vocational Education and Training in creating job opportunities and poverty reduction during his virtual presentation and reassured the participants that the institute will continue further strengthening its partnership with the Tianjin University of Technology and Education.
Ambassador Teshome Toga while attending the conference offline representing the embassy conducted sideline talks with high level officials of Tianjin city and media personalities where he noted Luban workshop Ethiopia is providing high–end technical skills training to young Ethiopians and helping them meet the skills requirement of the market demand in country.
25 Luban Workshop Projects, launching of the International Vocational Education Award, establishing World Technical and Vocational Education Training League, and the launching of The Tianjin Initiative proposals were also announced during the conference where 700 government and non-governmental participants attended the event both offline and online.

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