On December 8,2022 Ethiopia-China Technical and Vocational Education Training Development Alliance launched at the conference organized by the NARIC China Council entitled ‘’the International Forum on High Quality Development of Higher Education in the New Era’’.
Speaking at the conference, H.E. Dr. Teshale Berecha, State Minister of Labor and Skills of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia said that, the comprehensive cooperative partnership between China and Ethiopia has developed rapidly like a growing tree, which is increasingly flourishing and bearing new fruits. He added that, many educational projects carried out by China in Ethiopia have trained many talents to promote the development of China-Ethiopia relations.
Furthermore, Dr. Teshale Berecha assured that, the alliance will connect various vocational colleges, enterprises, trade associations, experts and scholars of China and Ethiopia, and strive to build a new platform for in-depth and comprehensive vocational education in the world.
H.E. Ambassador Teshome Toga on his opening remarks also said that, the Ethiopian government has devoted itself to increasing investment in education, speeding up the pace of educational reform, and all kinds of education at all levels are enjoying rapid development.
Stating that, the Ethiopian government has paid special attention to the development of vocational and technical education that goes with the economic development and has made remarkable progress, the Ambassador hoped that, the alliance will adhere to the initial aspiration of its establishment and build a broader platform in the fields of building a China-Ethiopia international exchange platform.
197 Chinese technical and vocational colleges, as well as institutions and individuals who invited from various countries attended at the conference.

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