During the exhibition, Mrs. Munteha Jemal Seid briefed the audiences on how good Ethiopian coffee is. She started by introducing Ethiopia as the birth place of coffee. The history begin from Ethiopia and spread to the rest of the World and Coffee Arabica is one of notable gift of Ethiopia to the world. Many of our coffee has fine acidity and rich body, fine and flavour, spicy etc in the taste.
She also added that due to various types of Agro- ecological setup of the country Ethiopian coffee is different in it types of characteristics. She also invited all Companies to go and export the organic coffee which is real one . Chinese Government is one of the top partners in exporting coffee from Ethiopia
During her presentation she also encouraged the Company owners and audiences who were in the event to feel free and contact Embassy of Ethiopia in Beijing for any assistance if they want to go and invest or export Ethiopian Coffee in Ethiopia.
During the event, the Ethiopia traditional Coffee ceremony was organized. the participants appreciated the taste of the Ethiopia Coffee.
The event was organized by China Chamber of Commerce for import and export Beijing food and beverage association.

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