Ambassador Teshome Toga held a press briefing in the embassy regarding Ethiopian Current Affairs.
In his briefing, the ambassador explained that Ethiopian government has been repeatedly offering a peaceful way-out from the conflict and the peace process that currently undertaking in South Africa is also the part of the government commitment.
The ambassador added that from the basis of the principle “African solutions to African problems”, Ethiopian government is beloved that the African Union-led peace process should be part of a solution for the problem that has happened in Ethiopia.
Stating that the people in conflict-affected areas need emergency aid, rehabilitation and eventually reconstruction, Ambassador Teshome said, the Government has taken special attention to these areas and working to restore essential services.
According to the Ambassador, the government of Ethiopia is grateful for countries like China for standing with Ethiopia and showing its solid commitment in supporting the country to resolve its internal affairs on its own.
Ambassador Teshome also pointed out that the Government of Ethiopia is working in coordination with humanitarian agencies to continue providing humanitarian aid in conflict affected areas.
Moreover, the Ambassador called on the International Community to understand the defensive measure that has taken by Ethiopia is to protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ethiopia and the lives and wellbeing of Ethiopians.

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