On Monday April 11, 2022 Ambassador Teshome Toga held virtual discussions with Mr. Gao Fu, Director of the Chinese CDC regarding the two countries cooperation in disease control and prevention.
During their discussion, Ambassador Teshome noted that the multifaceted relationship between Ethiopia and China is a model for South-South cooperation and reiterated the need from both sides to scale up the collaboration to even a higher level.
Accordingly, the Ambassador proposed for the two countries to collaborate in human resource capacity building, research and development partnership, pharmaceutical industry investment and medical technology exchange under the Forum on China Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) framework. And he also called on the Chinese CDC to provide medicine and medical equipment to hospitals and medical centers located in the war torn part of Northern Ethiopia.
Mr. Gao Fu on his part said Ethiopia and China enjoy a strong cooperation in the medical sector and the construction of the African CDC in Addis Ababa will make Ethiopia the hub for China Africa medical cooperation. He also noted that the Chinese CDC is ready to assist and collaborate with Ethiopia on the areas the Ambassador proposed and on other related issues as well.

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